Thursday, July 16, 2015

have you met my sister?

One of the main benefits of having an older brother is all the guys he introduces you to. My brother never disappointed when it came to introducing me to guys. It helped that he was a model and frequently had bit parts in shows with my favorite actors.
"Hey, James," He'd casually say to James Lye. "Have you met my sister?"
All I had to do was shake hands, smile, and say hi. I was cool just by association.
In fact, my brother, Stephen, ran into Keagan Kang, my very favorite actor at the time, and Keagan asked how I was and told my brother to tell me hi. 
Yes, I was living the dream.
Most of these guys I just met in passing. There were a few that I ended up being friends with, and a few that I had crushes on. 
My freshman year in college, Stephen was a sophomore. I was extremely shy and nervous, and my brother was nice enough to eat every meal with me. He usually showed up with some guys in tow. They'd walk into the Four Winds, and he'd say, "Have you met my sister?"
I started hinting to him which guys I'd like to meet. He'd usually brush me off but end up introducing me anyway. Most meals involved my being the only girl at the table. I did make girlfriends at work and in classes, but I was quite content to hang out with a bunch of guys.
The guys I hung out with that Freshman year pretty much all became like brothers to me. I ended up hanging out with them more than I did my own brother. I also made some friends of my own. I didn't really need my brother to introduce me anymore.
But he did introduce me to one more guy at the very end of my freshman year. We were getting our food and discussing the casting list for the upcoming production of A Midsummer Night's Dream the next semester. Stephen was telling me about a guy who had been cast perfectly as the lion. I had no clue who that guy was.
"You've never met him?" He was incredulous. "Well, there he is right there.
"Hey, Mike! Have you met my sister?"

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